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  • 15,000 miles!

    After a six month stint living in Ann Arbor I have decided to move to Seattle. I am going to begin working on a new solo flute piece for a flutist back in Ann Arbor for an organization that I recently joined ÆPEX Contemporary Performance where I'm working as their development and engagement manager. I also plan on working on a new orchestra piece, and maybe a band piece (any band directors out there). 

    But before I head to Seattle I have a quick trip planned for Denver Colorodo where I will be meeting with my publisher Abundant Silence Publishing. We are going to chat about publishing more and there will be a concert that my string quartet will appear on. This also gives me the chance to reconnect with my good friends Parisa and Zack Reaves. Parisa is a wonderful pianist and conductor having worked with her on my opera and a few other pieces. Her husband Zack is a wonderful cellist who I hope to work with in the near future. 

    I also have trips planned to Baltimore, Phoenix, New York, and Dallas over the next month and a half. I have interviews at Manhattan school of music and at the Peabody Conservatory so I have diligently been preparing for those. I also will have music appearing on the live 45 concert series with the New Thread Quartet on March 5th while in NYC.

    my last part of the trip is appearing at the North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA) conference with my good friends Ryan Lemoine and Audrey Miller with my piece automobiles, planes and trains.

    overall a very exciting adventure. 15,000 miles (that's a great piece name, I'm already thinking!)