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  • Above the Clouds, Beneath the Sky, and a New Commission

    I have just recently completed a new work for Orchestra called Above the Clouds, Beneath the Sky. This was my chance to explore landscape music. This work was something entirely new for me. If you have read my previous blog post you may remember that I was traveling quite a bit the last month and a half. This was my observation of the landscape that is the space between the clouds and the sky while in an airplane. It has been an incredibly fufilling work to finish, and I hope that I can find an orchestra to play it in the near future. I will be entering it into numerous call for works, as well as hoping that community or school groups might take interest in it. I did not write an incredibly difficult work, intentionally so that it might be more accesable to a wider player base, although it is definitely beyond the skill level on high school players.

    I also thought this was an appropriate time to announce my next project. I have accepted a commission by a good friend of mine Kaylea Payne for Horn, Bassoon, and Piano. Kaylea will be giving her final recital at Arizona State University in the fall of this year, and asked if I could write something for her. I of course said yes, and will begin work on that sometime this week. I am very excited to work with her, and hope that she likes what I create for her. 

    For now, back to work!