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  • Horizons, and a New String Orchestra Piece

    I have been working on a String orchestra piece which slightly delayed my new piece Horizons completion. I've had a fairly rough year with Death and tradgedy. Both my grandparents have passed away in the last 6 months. The tradgedy in orlando, and all the other violence has put me in a memorial type mood. The Orchestra piece is being written in Memorium of my grandparents. Afterwards, I would like to write a choir piece to remember the victims of the shooting in orlando. I am in the process of finding a choir which might be interested in this. Exciting thing to come!

    I also finally completed the piece for Kaylea Payne and it should premier sometime in the fall. Here are the program notes!

    Program Notes

    “Horizons” was written for Horn player Kaylea Payne. She asked me to create something that described the relationship she has with one of her favorite teachers David Balogh. A strong mentor, he also happens to play the Bassoon. Each instrument represents a different element of her life. The Horn represents Kaylea, and her determination from the time she decided to focus on music seriously to today. The bassoon represents Kaylea’s teacher David, and the Piano represents the perpetual motion of life. Life is just a series of Horizons. You look towards it, and because the earth is a sphere, the Horizon never ends. The sooner your realize that, the sooner your path to enlightenment is achieved. Kaylea has consistently strove to better herself. Only expecting the highest level of excellence. Sometimes life gets you down, but she always looks forward. She always makes it happen, and she is never defeated.