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  • above the cascades

    It's been awhile since I was able to write about what I have been up to. I promise you have been busy, juggling multiple projects. above the cascades is one, along side a work on Mount St. Helens for Michael Heitmann, as well as a new percussion piece for percussionist Chris Sies

    I'm also in the process of starting a duo with talented soprano Sammie Gorham. Watch here for more info to come on that. 

    p r o g r a m   n o t e s 

    The mountains are part of what makes the Pacific Northwest a beautiful sight. On one side of the cascades is a rainy temperate climate; while on the other is an arid desert. The mountains create a rain shadow causing little to no precipitation. The snow-covered mountains are a gorgeous sight to see. This piece explores the approximately 7-minute flight from the moment you can see the Cascades to the moment you cannot see them anymore. As with many of my other pieces which explore flying; as a frequent traveler I often look out the window and explore the great expanse from above the clouds. The larger moments that occur in this piece are during periods of when I could see larger mountains, but the work stays fairly active throughout the piece due to the nearly 80 miles of constant mountainous terrain with little to no open space in between.