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  • other cities, and future projects

    New piece! other cities was commissioned by Chris Sies, and will be performed sometime in the spring. I hope to have a recording by November. Chris is the percussionist in the group Latitude 49 and they will be doing my work "he said there was no sounds" on one of their programs coming up soon.

    Program Notes:

    People often forget how much where they live affects how they live their lives. I often walk around the city I’m currently living in and think about all the other cities I’ve lived in and visited, and how that has shaped who I am. Growing up in a sprawling suburb that is the 6th largest city in the US, then moving to the largest city in the US. I then moved to a small college town, and by the time I wrote this piece, I was living in a medium sized city. So many different landscapes, all with their own types of nature, sounds, and people.

    Chris Sies, to whom this piece is written for has experienced a similar phenomenon, especially as he prepares to move to a small town in Texas with a density nearly 2.5 times less than the small town we both lived in in the mid west. As I think about the urban sprawl there, or up-zoning here, I question where are the similarities. We are all people trying to make it through this world. We have busy lives. We travel the world. And at the end of the day we are shaped by other cities. 


    Other things that are going on. I am now writing a new piece for Saxophone Trio for the Lotus Trio, based out in Arizona. I wrote "he said there was no sound" for Justin Rollefson of the Rogue Trio in 2015, and he has asked me to write this new work for him. Its going pretty well so far, the title will be "as I escape, the water calms" It explores my connection with nature, as a means of escape for the realities of the world today. Expect to see that later this month.

    I've been asked to serve on the Board of the Sound Ensemble. They are a really wonderful ensemble based in Seattle, and share my values in programing by not having an aesthic limit. Also as a flexible ensemble they are able to a wide variaty of work. I hope to help them continue the sucess they have shown over the last 3 years.

    Things with ÆPEX Contemporary Performance are going great. We just announced our third season which can be found on that website. 

    I also recieved a new commission from composer and organist Benjamin Teague (UK) that I will be working on when I complete the saxophone trio. More details when I release the saxophone trio.

    Finally, I have been asked to serve on the faculty of the Seattle Conservatory of Music. I will be developing the curriculum for the pre-college program, teaching 4 pre-college age students composition. For more info visit their website at