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  • two new pieces!

    two new pieces, one for Flute and Fixed media called unfamiliar spaces written for the illustrious Brice Smith and is getting a soft premiere to help me workshop the piece by James Brinkmann and the other for saxophone and piano, that is getting premiered by Jeffrey Leung and James Schippers. So much going on these days, and much to come! I've been performing with an electronic music ensemble called EMW, and we have been doing my work Light Heartache quite a bit. Cover Art is really becoming a new passion of mine. Unfamiliar spaces was taken in Port Ludlow, WA, and a few words is all it takes was taken right outside Mt Rushmore this summer during my cross country move.

    unfamiliar spaces

    Program notes

    unfamiliar spaces was written for my dear friend Brice Smith. The work is an exploration of new techniques and sound worlds while maintaining my own musical language and artistic tendencies. Recently I have been interested in the question who is music for, who is the world for, and how are people supposed to act and be in spaces that are not their own. How am I as a queer man supposed to act in spaces inhabited primarily by the heterosexual world. This has been made more clear having moved from a neighborhood that was the center of LGBT life in Seattle where I would walk down the street and feel a sense of homogeneous community. My goal for this work was to find a way to take something that is comfortable (the flutists ability to play their instrument), and my own abilities (composing melodies with harmonies, rhythms ect.) and place it within a context of unfamiliarity. A context that LGBT folk are familiar with. We are rarely in a place that is ours, but that begs the question, what is ours? Gay men have gay bars, but they are often times exclusionary of women, people of color, and non cis-gendered individuals. My hope is to open up this dialogue and to ask the question to the performer and the listener, who is this space for, and does its mere existence exclude those individuals who are in the most need of familiarity.   

    a few words is all it takes

    Program Notes

    I am my own person. I will not be blindly following someone just because I respect them for some arbitrary reason. They say family is the most important thing, but sometimes you don’t have to agree with them or even like them. Sometimes your mentors are not right. Sometimes you realize that they don’t have your best interest on the mind, and sometimes one person says a few words that makes you realize that you have been blindly following the heard, while being the loudest person in the room to hide from your own insecurities. A few words is all it takes to realize that you are your own person, and life is what you make of it, and not what other people make of it for you.