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  • Three New Pieces

    Its been a fairly busy year since I last check in. There has been a lot of composing happening. Multiple things have been happening all at once. I have two more pieces that I still have to edit, make cover art for, and finalize so more to come in the near future. For now, I present three pieces for you. 


    #Kitty was written for Eric Hessel and Mai Tadokoro Hessel of the Spiral Staircase Duo and is about 15 minutes long that uses found percussion, marimba, theater, and horn. This collaboration was created with the purpose of exploring social media culture related to Cats. It was premiered in March 2019 in Arkadelphia, AR and there is a recording on youtube which can be found on my media page. 


    Cats play a very important role in internet culture. We talk about them on social media, those of us without cats enjoying hearing about them from our friends and family. Cats are popular all over the world, and in different languages. #Kitty is a reflection on the types of cat social media posts I see regularly. All of the text comes from friends that live everywhere from thousands of miles away to less than one mile away. Cats get sick, cats cause trouble, but most of all, cats are our much more introverted friends that want to be left alone until they don’t. #Kitty is a fun collage of the internet.

    what it was...

    what it was... was written for the Live Music Project as a fundraiser event. Audience members who attended the 5th LMP Birthday event were given the opportunity to vote on the instrumentation for the project. For every five dollars, they contributed equaled one vote towards deciding. They came up with Viola, Bass, and Toy Piano. This will be premiered in August 2019 in Seattle, WA


    what it was... is a reflection on my time since high school and college. I recently was invited to my 10-year high school reunion and I started to think back to all of the struggles that I experienced while I was there. That isn’t to say that there weren’t good times, but often times we forget the good times when the bad times seem to outweigh the good. I was an unhappy teenager, but there were plenty of good times that are now faded memories. The toy piano brings me back to my childhood with its youthfulness.

    Off Trail Erosion

    Off Trail Erosion was written for an upcoming summer trip I'll be taking to Pavia, Italy for the High Score Festival. It was an experiment for me in creating energy with only one instrument, which has been something of a struggle for me over the past few years. This was written for their call for scores, but if it isn't performed in August, it will be performed in September in East Lansing, MI

    Lots of other projects coming up, I just completed a residency at Mercer Island High School where my new piece three pieces for orchestra premiered (more on this piece in the coming weeks). I wrote a Band piece for Concord high school called Hourglass (also more on this piece in the coming weeks). I am in the process of setting up a few commissions with a few people I'm not quite ready to announce, but lots of good stuff coming!