Portfolio by Year


Nemean Lion - For Wind Ensemble (Expected Premiere April 2020)

Economic Shorts - For Soprano and Alto Saxophones (Expected Premiere March 2020)


Voices of Influence - For Alto Saxophone and Piano (Expected premiere March 2020)

Tell me a Story - Vocal Octet (SSAATBBB) (read January 2020)

What is your World? - Saxophone & Electronics (expected premiere March 2020)

Wind, Waves, and Web - Brass Quintet (expected Premiere Spring 2020)

The Score - Concerto for Audience and Orchestra (Premiered Feb 2020)

Will we still be here in 2090? - String Quartet (Premiered August 2019)

what it was... - Viola, Bass, Toy Piano (Premiered August 2019)

Off Trail Erosion - Cello (Premiered September 2019)

T(re)e - Video (Premiered April 2019)

Three Pieces for String Orchestra and Harp - String Orchestra, Harp (Premiered May 2019)

Hourglass - Band (Premiered May 2019)

565 Lumens - Video 

#Kitty - Horn & Percussion (Premiered March 2019)


Back in my day... whiteness - Woodwind Quintet (Premiered January 2019)

Air - Clarinet & Piano (Premiered November 2018)

Unfamiliar Spaces - Flute & Fixed Media (Premiered November 2018)

not a moment too soon - Flute & Hand Drum (premiered June 2018)

Improvisation & Caprice - Flute & Vibraphone (premiered June 2018)

Song of the Open Road I - IV - Soprano, Violin, Piano (premiered June 2018)

as I sit inside with my "trendy" tea beverage - Bass (premiered April 2018)

from death to riches - Saxophone Trio (STB) (premiered April 2018)

are we really there?  - Organ  (premiered April 2018)

heavy lifting -  Voice, Melodica (premiered Febuary 2018)


as I escape, the water calms  - Saxophone Trio (SAT) (premiered March 2018)

other cities - Percussion, field recordings, and photography (premiered January 2018)

above the cascades - Orchestra (2222 2221 timp, perc, strings)

A Prayer for a world on Fire - Flute 


This is Who I am - String Orchestra 

Plans Change - Flute, Piano (premiered June 30th 2017)

Horizons - Horn, Bassoon, Piano (Premiered November 13th 2016)

Above the Clouds, Beneath the Sky - Orchestra (2222 2221 2 perc, pf, harp, strings) 

InTerLuDes for solo flute - Flute (Premiered April 9th 2016)  


He Said there was No Sound - Violin, Saxophone, Piano (Premiered March 4th 2016) Commissioned by the Rogue Trio

Controversy for the Sake of Controversy - Saxophone Quartet (SATB) (Premiered March 5th 2016) 

You Know Nothing Jon Snow, As You Wish - Orchestra (2222 3221 2 perc, pf, strings)

Three Dreams Mixed Ensemble (Flute, Trumpet, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello) (premiered July 2015)

Impulse - Piano  (premiered May 10th)

In Morning Light - Tenor, Piano (premiered May 10th)

Christopher - Chamber Opera - (Fl, Cl, Tpt, Pf, 2vl, vla, vlc, tenor, baritone, mezzo) (premiered May 10th)

Light Heartache  - Indeterminate instruments and Fixed Media (expected Premiered April 17th)

Trails - Piano (premiered February 26th)

The Crescent of Titan - Chamber Orchestra (Fl, Cl, Timp, 2 perc, 2 vl, vla, vlc,db) (Premiered April 28th 2015)

Sonata for Cello and Piano - Cello, Piano (Premiered in April 17th 2015)

Infinite Stairways - Orchestra (3242 4221 Timp, 3 perc, Pf, Hrp and Strings) (Read April 5th 2015)

Lost in Deep Thought - Two Marimbas and Vibes (Premiered October 27th)

Morning - Voice, Kevin Miller; Piano, Will Larche (Premiered August 18th 2014) New York, NY. Poem bys Laurence W. Thomas

Hello! - Video Piece, The New Collaborative (Premiered June 30th 2014) New York, NY

WorldWinds Quintet - Wind Quintet (premiered May 13th 2014) by the Worldwinds Quintet New York, NY

String Quartet: A long way from home - (Premier May 5th 2014), The Jack Quartet New York, NY

Grey Tree Frogs - Flute, Laura Neville; Horn, Casey Cronan; Pre-recorded material (source http://www.mister-toad.com/blog) (Premiered April 7th) New York, NY

The Wine that Leads me On - Tenor, Brian Hoffmeister; Piano, Parisa Zaeri (Premiered January 2014)  New York, NY

Arizona Mountains - Piano, Spencer Arias (Premiered January 2014) Phoenix, AZ - Photo by Brandon Chung

Etude - Flute, Maya Holmes (premiered December 12th 2013) New York, NY

Beneficial Movements - Oboe, Carolyn Johnston; English Horn, Hugo Souza; and Bassoon, Kevin O'Brein (premiered May 14th 2014) New York, NY

Maniac Lovers From Planet X - Alto Saxophone, and Piano (Premiered November 25th 2013) New York, NY

Eternal Moments - Concert Band read by ASU Wind Ensemble; Tempe, AZ 

Three Pieces for Horn, Cello, and Piano -  Commissioned and Premiered by Horn, Kelsey Anthon; and Cello, Ruth Wenger; with Piano, Sarah Kohler (Premiered April 14th 2013)    Tempe, AZ 

Light Heartbreak  - Electronics (Premiered April 14th 2013)   Tempe, AZ 

String Quartet No. 2 -  Violin, Alexandra Birch; Violin, Boyang Wang; Viola, Jennifer Miller; Cello, Ruth Wenger (Premiered April 14th 2013)   Tempe, AZ 

The 4 Seasons in the Eyes of a Child - Mezzo, Suzanne Rovani;  Piano, Elliot Sneider (Premiered April 14th 2013) Tempe, AZ 

Precious Metal Duo -  Alto Saxophones; Justin Rollefson, and Gordon Gest (Premiered April 14th 2013) Tempe, AZ 

String Quartet: Bingham Mine - Herberger String Quartet (premiered April 21st)  Phoenix, AZ

Kittens Know More Than They Let On -  Commissioned by Tammy Holland Flute Brenda Martinez; Clarinet Tammy Holland; Violin Alexandra Birch; Baritone Saxophone Dan Puccio; Piano José Salazar (Premiered April 2013) Tempe, AZ 

Prime Power; Tuba Quartet 

A Receptionist is a Person (Please Note!) -  Voice, Ashley Waggoner; Piano Elliot Sneider (premiered April 21st) Tempe, AZ 

Three Pieces From Outside my Grandmothers Window -  Soprano Saxophone, Woodrow Chenoweth (premiered November 7th) Tempe, AZ 

The Playhouse - Flute Samantha-Rae Bolles; Clarinet, Johnathan Robinson; Violin,  Jayson Coppo (premiered February 16th) Tempe, AZ 

Portraits of a Newspaper - PRISM Saxophone Quartet  (premiered Oct 18th) Tempe, AZ 

Logical Explanations - Alto Saxophone, Jeffery Siegfried; Violin  Jayson Coppo; Horn, Eric Hessel; Bassoon, Black  Blackman (premiered April 19th)  Tempe, AZ    

Ensuing Anger -  Mezzo, Suzanne Rovani; Piano Jui-Ling Hsu (premiered  February 2011) Tempe, AZ