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Chamber Music $10.00

Pick from various pieces in my catalog, These are chamber works for 3-10 performers

I am not shipping scores through this medium. If you would like a printed score shipped, please e-mail me at slarias@me.com

note: the picture does not change when changing selections

Currently for sale are the following:

#Kitty - Horn, Percussion (Premiered March 2019)

Will we still be here in 2019? - String Quartet (Expected Premiere August 2019)

What it was... - Viola, Bass, Toy Piano (Expected Premiere August 2019)

Back in my day... whiteness - Woodwind Quinet (Premiered January 2019)

Songs of the Open Road - Voice, Violin, Piano (Premiered June 23rd 2018)

Improvisation & Caprice - Flute & Vibraphone ( Premiered June 16th 2018)

not a moment too soon - Flute & Hand Drum (Premiered June 16th 2018)

as I escape, the water calms - Saxophone trio (SAB) (Premiered Feb 2018)

Horizons - Horn, Bassoon, Piano (Premiered November 13th 2016)

He Said there was No Sound - Violin, Saxophone, Piano (Premiered March 4th 2016)

Controversy for the Sake of Controversy - Saxophone Quartet (SATB) (Premiered March 5th 2016)

Three Dreams Mixed Ensemble (Flute, Trumpet, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello) (premiered July 2015)

The Crescent of Titan - Chamber Orchestra (Fl, Cl, Timp, 2 perc, 2 vl, vla, vlc,db) (Premiered April 28th 2015)

Lost in Deep Thought - Two Marimbas and Vibes (Premiered October 27th)

WorldWinds Quintet - Wind Quintet (premiered May 13th 2014)

Beneficial Movements - Oboe, English Horn, and Bassoon (premiered May 14th 2014) New York, NY

Chamber Music