Saxophone Music

Saxophone Music
  1. He Said There was no Sound


  2. Maniac Lovers From Planet X


  3. 3 Pieces From Outside my Grandmothers Window II - The Owl


He Said there was No Sound - Violin, Saxohone, and Piano

  • Premiered by the Rogue Trio
  • March 4th 2016; Tempe, AZ; Katzin Concert Hall

Automobile, Planes, and Trains - Bass Clarinet, and Baritone Saxophone

  • Premiered by Ryan Lemoine, and Audrey Miller
  • March 12th 2016; Lubbock, Texas; NASA Conference

Controversy for the Sake of Controversy - Saxophone Quartet (SATB)

  • Premiered by the New Thread Quartet 
  • March 5th 2016; New York, NY; Spectrum NYC
  • Performed by the New Thread Quartet 
  • April 3rd 2016; Tenafly, NJ; Thurnauer School of Music

Maniac Lovers from Planet X - Saxophone and Piano

  • Premiered by Zach Herchen, Saxophone; Tadeusz Domanowski, Piano. 
  • November 25th 2013; New York,NY; Provincetown Playhouse
  • Performed by Tyler Flowers, Saxophone; Aimee Fincher, Piano.
  • March 13th 2015; Flagstaff, AZ; Northern Arizona University
  • Performed by Zach Herchen, Saxophone; Danica Borisavljevic, Piano. 
  • May 10th 2015; New York, NY; New York University

Three Pieces from Outside my Grandmothers Window - Solo Soprano

  • Premiered by Woodrow Chenoweth; November 
  • November 7th 2011; Tempe, AZ; Arizona State University